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The Traditional Telephone Network

Not ready for VoIP? We can compliment your company's infrastructure by installing free devices (FOC Loan) to your existing phone lines and still offer you IDD calls using our Special Rates. Though it may not be as beneficial as VoIP, but everything still works and you can knock off up to 70% off your IDD bills. Start saving now!


Save up to 70% on IDD calls. We do not bind our customers with contracts, you only pay for what you use. With our free dialer installed, just dial our prefix and your destination number. It is that easy, so start saving now!


Lowest IDD Rates
Retain your existing number
No special hardware
Easy to use Low start up cost
Mobile Ready
No binding contracts




What You Need?

Nothing! No need to purchase any expensive equipments. Use your existing phone lines or PBX systems. We'll compliment it by installing a free dialer. It is that simple.


How It Works

When an international call is made, the Dialer will recognize the prefix and connect with Mox. All international calls will therefore be charged at Mox's special rates. If a local call is made, the dialer will not respond and let the call go through with your normal Telco. Below is an illustration of how an international call is made.


International Call

If you're wondering what are the considerations to take note, our friendly sales team are always here to help. Our solution will consist of a combination of the following services and hardware:


  • Registered Mox Account


  • PABX
  • Digital PBX
  • Dialer
  • CO Lines


Call us now for a non obligatory discussion @ +65 6345 2300 or Enquire Here!


Mobile Ready

Planning to travel overseas or need to make regular IDD calls while on the go? Get Mox's Mobile Solutions and and enjoy the same great savings while on the go.






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