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Mobile VoIP


VoIP on the go!

Sign up with Mox's VoIP service and you'll have the option of going Mobile for FREE! Just install the free mobile software, enter the proper settings and you're good to go.


Uses & Benefits

Call to any destination at Mox's IDD Rates and start saving money while on the go. As VoIP works using the internet, it doesn't matter where you're calling from. Just connect to the internet and you're good to go. Best part is, if your contact is also under Mox's VoIP Network, the call will be 100% Free! Call quality is subjected to internet connection speed.


What you need?

  Mox's VoIP (SIP) account
  Good Wireless Internet Connection



Do not have access to high speed wireless connection?

Consider our Mobile GSM/CDMA solution and stay connected where ever you go regardless of internet connectivity. To find out more, click the on button below.


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