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Global DID


Be HEARD around the World

With Mox's affordable DID numbers and low calling rate, you can now EXPAND your business to different markets accross the globe. Definitely saving you and your customers from exorbitant international call charges. It's just like a Local Call!


What is Global DID?

Global DIDs are overseas numbers that can be forwarded to your local telephone. This benefits your customers as they won't have to pay expensive IDD charges to reach you. With the magic of VoIP, charges are minimal at Mox's local rate. If you are located in Singapore, your call tariff will be capped at only S$0.02/min. Upgrade your office hardware to VoIP and you'll be enjoying 100% free inbound calls from these Global DIDs regardless of location.


Phone Type Rates(Usage) Total Charges
Fixed Line S$0.02/min Usage+Affordable Monthly Subscription
VoIP Free Affordable Monthly Subscription+Hardware

*Monthly subscription varies for different countries and type of service used. Subjected to availability. Please call to enquire on your country of interest!


Have a local number anywhere in the world!



There are many benefits to Global DID. For starters, you'll get a virtual presence in your desired country without even stepping foot in it. Your international customers will be more willing to call you as it will be just a local call to them. Improve communications with partners all over the world. Imagine having call centres or sales teams in different countries when in actual fact, everyone is located in Singapore. 

Global Presence
Low Calling Rates
Hassle-Free Setup
Affordable DID Numbers
Savings for both you & your customers
Increase market share
High Quality Calls
100% Free Calls with Mox's On-Net Calls (VoIP)





For Whom

Anyone who wishes to have a global presence without acquiring the costs of physically being there, e.g.

  • Importers/Exporters
  • Expanding Businesses
  • Suppliers
  • Customer Service Departments
  • Headquarters
  • Organizations with Multiple Geographical Locations (Free Calls for Mox's On-Net Calls)


How it Works

All you need is a number for us to forward the calls to.

 Incoming Call

Global DID

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