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About Us


Company Objectives

To provide telecom services in Singapore and globally at competitive prices. Using its Singapore hub as the strategic telecommunications centre for the provision of cutting edge technologies to the telecom industry in Asia.


Our Story

Mox Singapore Pte Ltd (“Mox”) is a privately funded company that was founded in 1985. Mox was awarded a telecommunication Value Added Service Provider licence in 1995 to provide value added telecommunication services in Singapore. Since 1995, Mox has position itself in providing value added fax services – including stand alone faxing, desktop faxing, email to fax, fax to email and our Fax over IP (FOIP) technology.


Today, Mox is one of the largest fax service providers in Singapore, we have successfully developed and deployed our FOIP and IP Phone servers in several major cities around the world in order to ensure quality delivery of faxes and voice at very low prices. In early 2000, Mox launched its IDD voice service using the latest telephony technology with multiple leased lines and IP links to most major global telecom corporations, ensuring you of the best quality with high reliabillity and also positioning ourselves competitively with our price to market.


Confidentiality and security are extremely important aspects of our service as with many of our customers. Our Technical and Business teams will also be happy to attend to your queries both technical, commercial or otherwise, on any of the key elements or concerns which you may encounter.


Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is already an accepted delivery model for most of the developing Countries in the World especially for their Telecommunication needs. More and more users are becomng also more savvy in using the Internet and to make and receive calls using variety of CHAT softwares like SKYPE and MSN. We, at Mox, also continue to offer quality service while maintaining our market edge with better solutions for our customers and partners alike.


Our unique products include EMAX (Email2fax and fax2email) which will allow customers to receive fax as an email attachment delivered to their direct email addresses. This gives customers the flexibility of receiving thier faxes even while they are travelling, as long as they can download their email. Our Customers can also send out fax from their standard email client without too much hassle and costs.

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