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Fax Solution


Send & Receive Faxes via Email

Mox's fax solution (A.K.A fax to email, fax2email, faxmail, e-fax, efax.. etc.) enables you to receive and send faxes as email attachments instead of the traditional fax with paper. You'll get more out of your investment in email, minimize dependence on paper-based processes and reduce your carbon footprint.

Paper-based processes are inefficient, have its limitations and add to corporate costs in a number of ways:

  Labor intensive - impacting productivity

  Insecure - documents can be lost or left on fax machines

  Dedicated fax infrastructure - expensive to maintain

  Storage and archiving takes up physical space and is hard to manage

 Mox's Enterprise Fax Service is an outsourced electronic fax service used by many of the world's largest corporate, financial institutions and government agencies.

 Remove Those Clutters! Enjoy Fax on the Go!



Improve efficiency when you go paperless. Free your office from clutters when you archive your faxes in your Inbox. Have the flexibility to view your faxes anywhere you go. As it was designed with an open API, our fax solution can easily intergrate with existing applications or be customized to your company's needs.

  • Improve efficiency:
    • Fax can be read anywhere with email access
    • A Fax can be saved and filed easily
  • Reduce Carbon Foorprint and Costs
    • Fax to email saves paper and toner costs compared to a fax machine
  • Productivity is improved with capability of receiving more than 1 fax at once as there is no queuing in front of the fax machine
  • Improve Security:
    • Confidentiality is preserved as there is no sharing of fax machines
  • All the benefits of using fax with the hassles removed


How It Works

Mox's Fax Solution consists of both Email To Fax and Fax To Email. Whenever you want to send a fax, email to our system platform with the attached article and fax number and our servers will send it out as a fax. When someone sends a fax to you, it will be forwarded to 3 email addresses of your choice. Simply view the content from your inbox.



Fax Solutions


Fax To Email

Email To Fax


     Fax To Email

Fax To Email


All you need is an email address to start. Should your require other customizations, let us know your exact requirements and we will give you the proper interface to interconnect your systems with ours.

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