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Fax Broadcast


Fax Broadcasts, an effective & affordable way to reach your customers



Unlike emails, faxes arrive pre-opened and do not automatically end up in junk boxes. You can achieve higher response rates and lower production costs as compared to traditional mail programs. You can customize each fax to include special details such as Names, company info, addresses etc. These gives each article a more personal feel and increases viewership.


Fax To Millions

Send by the thousands! With Mox's advance network infrastructure, we are capable of delivering 10,000 faxes within an hour and across borders. The sky is the limit! Save LOADS of time and money by leveraging on our infrastructure instead of Faxing them by yourself. Reach to the masses at only a fraction of the cost.




Generate awareness & increase sales,
Increase Market Share
Increase Revenue
Hassle Free Setup
Mail Merge Support

Fast & Efficient
Savings with Mox's IDD Fax rates
High Quality



How It Works

Either send the information to us or use the software we provide to do your Fax Campaign and our servers and staff will handle the rest. You will also receive broadcast summary reports so you can rest assured that all the intended recipients received the information at the specified time.


Fax Broadcast
Fax Broadcasts



Our Fax Broadcast service will require a combination of the following:


Mox Fax account

  • Mox's Fax Account
  • Flyer/Article
  • Organized intended recipients' fax list
  • Additional information for customization(Optional)


To start broadcasting today, call us now for a non obligatory discussion @ +65 6345 2300 or Enquire Here!


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