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For years, people have been predicting the end of fax machines and the arrival of paperless offices. But somehow despite the invention of the internet, scanners and other digital tools, the fax machine is still very much a part in today's business society. Although the number has shrank over the years, businesses still adopt the humble fax machine due to its many benefits.


Facsimiles are Simple, Globally Accepted, Traceable, Somewhat Reliable, Secure during Transmissions .etc. You may argue that the modern day email system can achieve all these, but guess what, fax is deeply rooted as a communication standard for national and international commerce and will not be going anywhere any time soon.


However, this does not mean we cannot spice it up with modern day technology. You can leverage on the wide usage of fax with Mox's Fax to Email & Email to Fax solutions. Advertising via Fax broadcasts has also never been easier.


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